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Pamela Berry, Candi Blanchard, Claire Caswell, Bonnie Cosentino, Mari Dailey, 
Sedra D’mente, Agustin M. Delgado Jimenez, Linda García, Meganne Horrocks, 
Kate Jobe, Jacqueline Lee, Stephanie Niverson, Rodney Rahl, Christine Reilly, 
Timothy Schaffert, Glenda Stone, Dorothy Tuma, Roxanne Wach and more!

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Celebrate with us on opening night July 9, 6-9pm
   It’s 2nd Friday on Vinton Street!  Get festive with us!

Festive Paper Flowers Workshop with Linda García • July 10, 1-3pm, $25
   Learn a new approach to making flowers using coffee filters. Make a small

   bouquet and a floral head piece. Please bring a needle nose pliers. All other

   supplies will be provided.  Register HERE.

“El Jardin De Frida” with José García • MAHSM Facebook page • July 13, 2pm 
   Frida’s awareness of the variety and beauty of the natural made itself known

   within her art and throughout the place she called home, “La Casa Azul.” Join

   José García, MAHSM founder, for this virtual talk/tour of his artistic installation

   inspired by Frida’s garden. 

Papel Picado Workshop with Linda García • July 17, 1-3pm, $25
   Learn  traditional paper folding and scissor cutting techniques using various

   papers and sizes. All materials will be provided.  Optional: you may bring your

   own paper cutting scissors.  Register HERE.

Cactus Mercado Fundraiser • July 9-30  
   Join José García in the Apollon Greenspace, and in the gallery, to help support   

   all the great events that MAHSM presents in our community.  Linda García has

   been busy hand painting festive pots for the amazing cacti.  Don’t miss it!  

Handmade Frida Workshop with David Manzanares • July 24, 1-3pm, $25 
   You will create a small Frida Kahlo from self-hardening clay, following an easy     

   step-by- step process. All materials will be provided. Register HERE.

Show Closing, July 30, 6-9pm
   Join us as we close the art show!  Pick up some great art!