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speakers & Workshops

Whether you are a school administrator or a corporate planner looking to connect historical content with contemporary audiences, MAHSM Speakers and Workshop Facilitators will tailor presentations, exhibits, and workshops to your group.


• The Spanish presence in the Midlands

• CInco de Mayo/Fifth of May

• National Hispanic Heritage Month

• Dia de Meurtos/Day of the Dead

• The Chicano Movimiento: From Zoot Suits to Cesar Chavez

• Mexican Americans: 100 years of Omaha History

• The Migration North from Mexico:  A Pictorial History,


• The Arts and Culture of Colonial Mexico

• The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema: A Collection

• A Pictorial History of Latino Sports in the United States

• The Magic City: Omaha's Ethnic History

• Latino Patriotism: An American Story

• Cacao to Chocolate: Gift of the Americas

Contact José García to speak at your event:



Papel Picado: Mexican paper cutting: beginning and advanced
Amate: bark paper cuttings and paintings
Repujado: Mexican metal embossing and tin works
Yarn Paintings/Ojos de Dios/God's Eye - Huichol style
Cascarones: Mexican Easter eggs
Nichos: Mexican decorative shadow boxes

El Arte de Cartoneria:  the art of papier mâché using

  engrudo (homemade flour glue)

Linda has extensive knowledge of the traditions and customs to create Día de Muerto (Day of the Dead, November 1st and 2nd) environments with materials to include:
  • Sugar Skull making and decorating
  • Calaveras and Esquelitos - sugar-style skulls and skeletons using papier mâché or metal embossing techniques
  • Ofrendas - memory altar installations to honor and remember people or events with papel picado banners and paper table decorations
  • Mexican crepe paper flower making: Cempoalxóchitl* are the central flower used during the Day of the Dead

*Cempoalxóchitl - Marigold in Nahuatl, the Aztec indigenous language


Contact Linda García to present a workshop 

   at your event:

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