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Gerardo “Jerry” Machado

Some years ago, somewhere in the middle 80's, Roger Ramirez and Fernandol Castillo had a storefront studio east of 24th & N, as a site producing S.O.C.A.C./ South Omaha Cable Access Consortium.

Cox cable had recently come to town and SOCAC was formed to bring Mestizo/Spanish surnamed-speaking video content to channel 22.

I had a news & culture program called "RAZATIMES". We taped one segment on the Cuban American people who had settled in Omaha. The dentist Dr. DelaGuardia and a Hombre known as Commandante, I forget his name, were guests. I have the tape somewhere in the MAHSM'S Repository of this program along with hundreds of others showing community cultural and social activities in mostly South Omaha.

Now, to the subject matter at hand, the article that the Omaha World Herald published this morning on Don Gerrado "Jerry" Machado, whose obituary I posted several days ago. This outstanding article told a story the Don Gerardo's monumental experiences as a Cubano and ultimately as an American Citizen.

in a personal conversation, so many years ago, with Don Gerardo, and before the taping mentioned above, he shared with me much of the details written in this article. Because of the personal nature of the conversation, I kept it to myself. So, I am so pleased that the story has been told. Thanks to his hijo, Jose “Tata” Machado, for bringing this amazing history of your Father, to all.

Everyone who believes our Nation is a way out of tyranny and despotism needs to read this article and celebrate the life of Don Gerardo “Jerry” Machado, a true Cubano and an amazing American Patriot. #mahsmOmaha

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